The below note from our founder Chris Lauder will explain:

“We always knew that the success of this school would be built on the success of the students that enrolled with us. We believe that academic success and achieving great exam results all starts with great teaching. As such, in order for us to help our students reach their full academic potential, we needed to ensure we only provided the best quality teaching in the country”.

With this concept at the forefront of our minds, we set out on a mission to recruit Ireland’s best teaching talent. Over the course of almost a decade, and having viewed over 800 teachers in action, we can now say with absolute conviction that our team of teachers is unmatched. This statement is backed up by the fact that our weekly grinds courses at The Academy have more students in attendance than any other school in the country.

The most important aspect of The Academy is that the entire teaching staff consists of tried, tested and most importantly trusted teachers from our weekly grinds.

Robert Browne: Higher Level Maths
Robert is the Head of Maths at the Dublin Academy of Education. One of the most popular teachers in the country, he has developed a unique ability to inspire confidence and is renowned for stimulating the interest of all his students. He has experience in correcting with the State Examination Commission, which gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He has vast experience teaching, having taught for years in a leading school in South Dublin and leading educational workshops at Trinity College, Dublin. He has also appeared in the media, leading discussions on; Maths, syllabus content, teaching methods, and exams.

Rónán Murdock: Irish, Business and Economics
Rónán is the Head of Irish, Business, and Economics at The Dublin Academy of Education. He has written Leaving Certificate textbooks in Irish and Business and through his teaching has helped a number of students achieve top marks in the country in their chosen subjects. Rónán has also been awarded an esteemed teaching award from the Business Studies Teachers Association of Ireland.

Gavin Cowzer: English
Gavin is considered to be one of the leading English teachers in Ireland. Having a strong passion for the subjects, including obtaining a Master’s degree, Gavin’s style of teaching covers the syllabus in a clear and concise way, giving students the tools they need to successfully manage the likely exam questions. He has experience correcting exams, which gives his students an edge in a subject which is often assumed to be an art. Over the years, Gavin has developed a strict method to doing well in the English exam, which consistently helps his students reach great results.

Kieran Mills: Applied Maths and Physics
Kieran’s mastery of both the Applied Maths and Physics syllabi has made him one of the most popular teachers at The Academy. He has become well-known for his ability to stimulate and develop students’ interest in the subject. As well as co-writing several books, including “Physics Laboratory Manual” a Leaving Cert Textbook (trusted by thousands of students around the country), he has also been an expert contributor on Leaving Cert Maths for RTÉ Radio. His experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students to get the best results possible.

Iain Wallace: Agricultural Science
Iain has over 15 years experience teaching Agricultural Science. He has built up considerable expertise in the subject through working as a local facilitator for the Professional Development Service for Teachers whilst also editing study notes for the Irish Farmers Journal weekly study guides. He uses this experience to help his students master the Agricultural Science course content, key answering skills, and techniques that are required to maximise grades. All this has contributed to Iain’s classes becoming hugely popular at The Dublin School of Grinds.

Genevieve Farrell: German
Genevieve is the head German teacher at the Dublin Academy of Education. She has 14 years experience teaching German and is the author of “Complete German Grammar” textbook, trusted by students and teachers across the country when completing the Leaving Certificate. Her unique style of teaching instills confidence in students, by providing them with the skills and techniques required to master the German syllabus.

Séadhan Perry: Irish
Séadhan is specialised in providing his Irish students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the language and its marking scheme. His style of teaching is focused on covering the curriculum in a concise way, so all his students have the tools to successfully manage the likely exam questions. He is a popular teacher due to his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject. Séadhan has worked with the state examinations commission correcting exam papers and last year was an Oral Examiner for the leaving certificate. He has also taught in the Gaeltacht in Coláiste Ciarán and Coláise Ó Direáin.

Lynn Anderson: Chemistry
Lynn engages with and instills confidence in her students through her mastery of the Chemistry syllabus. She has experience working as a corrector for the State Examination Commission, which gives her an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students.

Lorraine Lee: Music
With over 12 years post-primary teaching experience, Lorraine brings a passion for music education to her role here at Dublin Academy of Education. With a Master’s Degree in Music Performance, experience in preparing students for exams in the Royal Irish Academy of Music along with being a practical examiner for the State Exams Commission, Lorraine is well equipped in preparing students for the exam.

David Lewis: Maths & Biology
David’s ability to relate to students has resulted in him becoming a popular teacher at The Academy. His teaching methods are unique and are tailored to the Maths Syllabus. David is a member of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association and is specialised in providing students with a clear, fundamental understanding of the syllabus. As an examination corrector in Biology and Maths, David is adept at understanding the mistakes for which students frequently lose marks.

Darran Sheils: DCG
Darran is the Design and Communication Graphics teacher at The Dublin Academy of Education. With almost 20 years of teaching experience, Darran has been teaching DCG since the subject’s inception in 2008. His background in graphics, art and design makes him uniquely qualified to nurture both the technical and the creative aspects of the subject. In recent Leaving Certificate results, one-third of Darran’s students achieved an A grade. 3 times the national average. The passion, understanding and attention to detail he instils in his students has led many of them into careers in architecture, engineering and product design.

Katie Lenehan: French & Spanish

Katie Lenehan holds a degree in French and Spanish, and a Professional Masters in Education. Her training as a teacher was based on the most up to date education models and methodologies and is designed to ensure all students are catered for and can reach their goals in the most efficient way possible. Her knowledge of languages and linguistics, as well as teaching in some of the most prestigious schools in Dublin, will ensure that students obtain the best possible grades in their exams.

Laura Healy: Art 
Laura is an NCAD art education graduate that majored in fine art painting, with 16 years post-primary experience in teaching art. Laura also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, awarded by NUI Maynooth. In her role as Dublin chairperson of the Art Teachers’ Association of Ireland (ATAI) she liaised with the national committee in relation to curriculum reform. After sitting on an advisory committee for NCAD with regards to the design of the prescribed portfolio brief, she is in a position to offer sound guidance in relation to portfolio preparation.
Naomi Keenan: Accounting
Naomi Keenan’s experience of correcting Leaving Cert Higher Level Accounting with the State Examination Commission gives her an in-depth knowledge of the subject’s syllabus and marking scheme. Confidence is instilled in her students as her students receive constant guidance and encouragement on how to earn top marks in their exams. Naomi shares with her students both successful exam techniques and equally as important, the most frequent and highly avoidable mistakes.
Ciarán Hartigan: English
Ciarán Hartigan has been teaching English to the highest level for over 10 years and brings an organised and methodical approach to his teaching. Holding a Masters in Drama and Theatre Studies, he provides original insights into works of literature and couples this with practical advice on structuring responses and arguments. Drawing on years of experience as a Leaving Certificate examiner with the State Exams Commission, he provides students with dependable techniques and strategies for success.
Tracy Gannon: Geography

Tracy holds a Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Geography, a Professional Diploma in Education & Master of Education. Her passion for her subjects has been shown in her ambition to further educate herself whilst also being a full-time post-primary teacher & part-time lecturer in University College Dublin.

Tracy’s style of teaching instils confidence in her students by providing them with a well-defined understanding of the syllabus. Her teaching experience and work as a state examiner have afforded her the opportunity to have a key insight into preparing her students to achieve top marks in their final exams.

Anna McAllister: Home Economics

Anna McAllister is a dedicated and passionate teacher with over 30years experience at both 2nd & 3rd level. With her vast experience she brings a organised and structured approach to teaching, ensuring the very best Leaving Certificate preparation for her students. Extensive experience correcting the Leaving Certificate provides her students with a technical and accurate approach to their preparation for answering Leaving Certificate questions.

Alan Trenier: Biology
Alan holds a degree in Science, Diploma in Maths and a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. Alan teaches in a clear and concise manner with a constant emphasis on the leaving cert exam paper and its marking scheme.  Alan is very experienced in education having worked in some of the most reputable schools in Dublin and also in New Zealand. He has played rugby for over a decade in the AIL and also rugby league for the Irish Wolfhounds in the 4 Nations.
John Kilroy: Classical Studies, History, Religious Education, Politics & Society
John has 25 years experience of teaching and management in secondary schools. He has been assistant examiner for the Leaving Certificate in both History and Classical studies, which gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He is also the publisher author of the Leaving Cert exam strategy articles in education supplements in the national express. 
Sean McMahon: Chemistry

Sean has worked for the State Exam Commission as an Exam Co-ordinator. He has an in-depth knowledge of the exams and marking schemes, having taught students who have achieved 100% (400/400) in the their Leaving Certificate Chemistry exam. He aims to promote his courses with enthusiasm and relevance, using exam based material to allow for the best possible opportunities.

Lisa Fitzpatrick: French and Spanish
Lisa is the Head of the Foreign Languages Department at The Dublin Academy of Education. She is a member of the French and Spanish Teachers’ Association of Ireland and has written several Leaving Certificate textbooks, including “Shortcuts To Success: Spanish Oral Leaving Cert Higher Level”. Lisa also gives teaching workshops to teachers nationwide.

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