Student Development Programme

We are delighted to announce the formal launch of the Student Development Programme, ‘An Education for Life’, here at the Academy.

Our mission is to fully prepare our students for their Leaving Cert exams and to help them realise their full academic potential; beyond this though we feel it is our responsibility to help prepare them for third level and beyond. This is the premise behind the Student Development Programme we have developed. We aim to provide students with a variety of courses, workshops, inspirational speakers, extra curricular clubs and social events to help nurture their development personally as well as academically.

There are four pillars to the programme, with the following themes:

• September/October – Future Focus
• November/December – Skills for Success
• January February – Curate Your Career
• March/April/May – Mindful Moments

We will be seeking ongoing feedback directly from our students on the programme, via our class reps, so we can continually improve and ensure that the programme is the most beneficial it can possibly be for our students.