An Update on the First 4 Weeks

Dear 6th Year Parents/ Guardians,
We are well into the academic year at this stage. Students are starting to get valuable feedback through assessment on how the first weeks have gone for them. We are looking forward to seeing students getting positive feedback (through improved results) for how well they are applying themselves. It is important though that students don’t let themselves get disheartened if one or two results don’t quite match up with their ambition. Students will know that their teachers, year heads as well as Séadhan and I are their to support them. As well as our collective academic endeavours a number of the clubs that enrich the student experience here at The Academy are now up and running.
Please do take a moment to look through the newsletter below for further information on the Debating and Personal Development clubs.

Debating and Public Speaking Club

Our Debating and Public Speaking Club started last week and is led by one of our English teachers Ciarán Hartigan. This Club is open to both 5th and 6th Year students, and welcomes new sign-ups throughout the year. Speaking about the Club, Ciarán said:

The Public Speaking and Debating Club aims to foster a love of public speaking by teaching students how to overcome this common fear and embrace the opportunity to have their unique voice heard. Students will learn how to structure speeches, engage with their audience, and participate in lively debates with their peers and students from other schools. The Club meets at lunchtime on Thursdays and all students are welcome!


Personal Development Club

We are delighted to announce that our Personal Development Club is starting on Wednesday 9th October from 1.30pm – 2.30pm and will run every second week until Christmas. If students have classes during this time they are not to worry; as the Club will hold a 1-day course covering all the same material after Christmas, which will accommodate all students timetables.

The Club is run by Chris Lauder, our Founder and by David Lewis, Maths and Biology teacher, who are both passionate about personal development and building important life skills.

At the Club we will be covering the following areas:

  • How to set practical and achievable goals
  • How to develop an effective morning routine
  • How to build and maintain strong habits
  • How to manage fears and break through
  • How to become a more effective communicator

Students can sign up to the Club by emailing liz@dublinacademy or in person at the school reception desk.