6th Year Farewell Breakfast

On Friday 17th May our 5th year students held a surprise ‘Farewell Breakfast’ for our current 6th year students. The morning was a great success, with a committee of several 5th years and their Year Head Lisa Fitzpatrick managing the planning in advance.

A selection of pastries, fresh fruit, yoghurt and juices were served and there were also several speakers. Our Principal Michael Ruaidhri Deasy presented each 6th year with a framed group picture from their recent graduation. This presented a lovely opportunity for the students to sign each other frames and create a memento of their time at the Academy.

Our Founder Chris Lauder shared some well wishes with the students:

As you enter the final stretch, on behalf of myself and the staff here, we wish you the very best of luck in your Leaving Certificate! You guys have put the work in all year. You’ve all worked incredibly hard.
We’re confident that you’ll all be putting your best foot forward in a couple of weeks.
And no matter how you feel you perform in the Leaving Cert, each and every one of you should be very proud of yourselves, as you’ve worked incredibly hard.  

One of our 6th year students, Grace Slattery spoke next and took the opportunity to thank the 5th year students for their work in planning the breakfast. She also thanked the teacher’s for all their hard work throughout the year and finally wished all her fellow 6th years the best of luck for their exams in June!

For a short clip of the event, see below: