The decision to repeat the Leaving Certificate is no small feat. The vast majority of students who make this decision are incredibly motivated to apply themselves to the full extent of their abilities in order to achieve at a higher level than the previous year. Therefore, it is essential that these students choose the right school to ensure they maximise their potential the second time around. At The Academy we believe that all students have a level of increased performance within them. We help students achieve this by promising to provide the best teachers in the country and guaranteeing to facilitate them in an academic environment that supports, motivates and inspires them to perform to their very best.

Students who choose to repeat the Leaving Certificate with us have the benefit of sitting down with our Principal prior to commencing the school year. In this meeting, the student’s previous performance in the Leaving Cert will be reviewed and a plan of action will be put in place to ensure they set off on the right path from the very start of the year.

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