Since the inception of The Dublin School of Grinds in 2010, we knew that the success of the school would be built on the success of our students, and the great results they would need to achieve. And great results all start with one thing: great teaching. As such, it has always been our mission to ensure only the highest teaching standard is provided. By sticking to this mantra over the last decade, we’ve arrived at a point where we serve over 3,500 students on a weekly basis in our grinds, making us the largest provider of part-time second level courses in the country.

The natural next step in The Dublin School of Grinds’ journey was the establishing our own full-time school for 5th Year, 6th Year and Repeat Leaving Certificate students. In September 2018, we did just that by opening our doors 200 students across 5th and 6th Year on a full-time basis.

In September 2018, we also officially changed our name from ‘The Dublin School of Grinds’ to ‘The Dublin Academy of Education’, or ‘The Academy’ for short. Although our name has changed, our mantra for hiring the most passionate dedicated teachers in Ireland has not.


“The most important aspect of The Dublin Academy of Education is that the entire teaching staff will consist of the same tried, tested, and most important of all trusted team of teachers from The Dublin School of Grinds” – Chris Lauder – Founder


We have opened bookings for our first Open Evening for the 2019/2020 academic year. If you are interested in enrolling with us and have questions about the school, then we highly recommend you join us at one of these evenings. These open evenings are for both parents and students. To book, please complete the form below.

For families looking to attend an Open Evening at The Dublin Academy of Education, please select one of the following dates and complete the form below:

  • Thursday 21st March at 7:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Thursday 9th May at 7:00pm – 8:15pm