Food for your Brain – Nutrition Talk & Food Demo

On Wednesday 20th November we were delighted to welcome Aisling Larkin from Foodoppi in to the school to talk to our 5th and 6th year students about ‘Food for your Brain’. 

Aisling is co-founder at Foodoppi, tv chef, busy mum of 3, food media broadcaster, feeding and mindful eating coach. Aisling appears each week on Virgin Media One’s Six O Clock Show teaching the nation her delicious, creative and functional family friendly recipesAisling graduated with a Bachelors of Education degree from Trinity College Dublin and has a Masters in Food Product Development. 



For each session with our students Aisling did a demo of the following snacks:

  • Hummus and ranch dressing with healthy nibbles 
  • Tropical Green Smoothie 
  • Quinoa and Oat Cereal Bars 
  • Chocolate Power Balls 

During each recipe demo, our students were given key nutritional details about which ingredients were included any why. It was very informative and also demonstrated how easy it is to make delicious snacks once you have a simple recipe to follow! After each recipe demo, samples were passed around which was a great way for our students to taste the goodness in each snack! 

Please see below a short video clip of Aisling demonstrating how to make her Oat & Quinoa Bars:


These bars were a big hit on the day and we have included this recipe and all other recipes below! We have also attached the presentation from the day. To read more about Foodoppi and for more great recipes visit:

Finally, we hope all our students enjoyed the demo and samples!

To download the recipes Aisling created and made on the day, click here:

Study Snack Recipes by Foodoppi