6th Year Maths (H) Fast Paced Grinds

6th Year Maths (H) Fast Paced Grinds


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6th Year Maths (H) Fast Paced Grinds

Course Overview

This is a course designed for students seeking a top grade in higher level Maths. Kieran will teach topics from the course that are perceived to be more difficult. This class assumes that students attending this class already have a good knowledge of the fundamentals. Certain topics like inferential statistics, integral calculus, financial maths and de Moivre’s theorem in complex numbers will be extensively treated.

Course outline

Paper 1 Topics
Section 1. Algebra (including number)
Section 2. Sequences and Series (including financial maths and proof by induction)
Section 3. Complex Numbers
Section 4. Calculus (Functions, differentiation, integration)
Paper 2 Topics
Section 5. Geometry and measurement
Section 6. Trigonometry
Section 7. Co-ordinate geometry
Section 8. Probability and Statistics


The notes provide full explanations and techniques of all areas of the course. The examples in the notes are carefully chosen to reflect every type of question. All leaving cert questions relevant to a section are included at the end of the notes including leaving cert style questions from sample papers. The solutions to every question in the notes are provided.

Calculator: Being able to master your calculator is one of the keys to success. Kieran uses the CASIO fx83GT model. The steps for using this calculator for every process on the course are outlined in the notes based on this model.


Kieran Mills Applied Maths Grinds in DublinAbout the teacher: Kieran Mills’ experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He is popular amongst students due to his mastery of the Project Maths Syllabus and is well-known for his ability to stimulate students’ interest in the subject. Kieran has 25 years’ experience teaching. He has co-written several books, including The Power of Maths series of Junior and Leaving Certificate Textbooks, trusted by thousands of students around the country. Kieran has also been an expert contributor on Maths for RTÉ Radio.
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    • 6th Year Maths (H) Fast Paced Grinds South Dublin Fridays – 6:30pm – 7:45pm Stillorgan

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