6th Year Maths (H) Grinds

6th Year Maths (H) Grinds


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6th Year Maths (H) Grinds

Course Overview

These Maths grinds are noteworthy because of their exam-focused nature, with a huge emphasis on taking advantage of the marking scheme. Students receive a set of notes called the Bankers Bible, which includes all the items that can be learned off by heart. This set alone is worth 5% of the exam.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Differentiation
  • Sequences & Series & Patterns
  • Financial Maths
  • Complex Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Functions
  • Geometry
  • Number
  • Trigonometry
  • Co-ordinate Geometry of the line
  • Co-ordinate Geometry of the circle
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Integration
  • Statistics
  • Induction
  • Area and Volume

Our weekly timetable includes a special fast-paced 6th Year Higher Level Maths class. This class is designed for students whose ambition is a very high grade in the Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths exam. As with the standard classes, students are provided with comprehensive notes on all topics. These notes include fully worked solutions to all exercise questions contained in the notes.

In the fast-paced class more time is spent on more challenging questions and methods, and a little less time on the more basic procedures. However, the topics are covered at the same rate in all classes. In all classes, students are encouraged to ask questions when issues arise.

Rob Browne, Head Maths Teacher and The Dublin Academy of EducationAbout the teacher: Robert Browne has a unique ability to stimulate students’ interest and is renowned for giving students the confidence they thought wasn’t there. He is a vastly experienced teacher, having taught at education workshops in Trinity College, Dublin. His experience of correcting with the State Examination Commission gives him an in-depth knowledge of what is required by students. He has appeared in the media leading discussions on Maths, syllabus content, teaching methods and exams. Robert teaches in a systematic and clear way that relates to students.


About the teacher: Justin Howlett has been teaching Maths for more than a decade. With this wealth of experience and his further studies in Statistics Education, he is particularly adept at making the Project Maths syllabus accessible to his students. He uses an energetic and insightful approach to help students avoid common misconceptions and errors and is known for instilling confidence in students by providing them with the skills and techniques required to master the marking scheme.
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    • 6th Year Maths (H) –Mondays – 8:15pm-9:30pm
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Tuesdays – 5:30pm-6:45pm
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Wednesdays – 5:00pm-6:15pm
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Wednesdays – 6:30pm-7:45pm
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Thursdays – 6:30pm-7:45pm
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Saturdays – 9:00am-10:15am
    • 6th Year Maths (H) Saturdays – 12:15pm-1:30pm

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