6th Year History Grinds

6th Year History Grinds


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6th Year History Grinds

Course Overview

Coursework: The Research Project
Documents Based Question:  Europe and the Wider World Topic 6:  The USA and the World
Europe and the Wider World Topic 3:  Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe 1920-1945
Ireland Topic 3:  Sovereignty and Partition: Ireland 1920-1945
Ireland Topic 5:  Politics and Society in Northern Ireland: 1945-1993
Further topics with notes and advice available:
Europe and the Wider World Topic 4:  Division and Realignment in Europe 1945-1990
Europe and the Wider World Topic 2:  Nation States and International Relations 1871-1920
Ireland Topic 2:  Movements for political and social reform 1870-1914
Ireland Topic 6:  Government, economy and society in the Republic of Ireland 1949-1993
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    • 6th Year History Grinds South Dublin Wednesdays – 6:30pm – 7:45pm Stillorgan

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