In order to best assist effective exam preparation, it is essential that students have a structured and disciplined approach to study. At The Dublin Academy of Education, we take study very seriously. At the beginning of each academic year, all students in our full-time school will attend our 1-day Study Skills seminar (included in fees). This course is designed to assist students in approaching study with a strategy that will have them ready for the Leaving Cert when it comes.

All students in our full-time school will have compulsory study periods built into their daily timetables. All study sessions at The Academy are supervised and take place in our bright, spacious study hall (pictured below).


As well as the compulsory study periods during the day, full-time students have the option to make use of our after-school supervised study sessions. These sessions will take place at the following times:

After-School Study times: 

Monday – Tuesday: 4.30pm – 9pm

Wednesday: 4.30pm – 6pm

Thursday – Friday:  5pm – 9pm

Saturday: 12pm – 5pm

Sunday: 10am – 4pm