Stephen Byrne Talks About The Role Of The Teacher In Student Success

In a recent segment on The Ryan Tubridy Show, RTE presenter and The Dublin School of Grinds student Stephen Byrne spoke openly about going back to school to re-sit the 2018 State Examinations. In 2009, Stephen received his Leaving Certificate results and shredded them without looking. 9 years on, he has decided to document his experience of going back to school.

In the interview, Stephen explained that for a mix of reasons he struggled in his final year at school. A culmination of personal issues along with the distraction of working for RTE meant that the Leaving Cert was a peripheral focus. Since starting at The Dublin School of Grinds, he has realised the main reason why he is enjoying school again; “I did Pass Maths when I was younger and I definitely failed it! I’m now enjoying Maths, and it’s all down to the teacher”. He continues, “This is the first time I have been in an English class where I’ve really felt like the teacher is not giving opinions, he is encouraging people to have their own opinions”.

Due to his broadcasting commitments, Stephen has had to attend The Dublin School of Grinds in the evenings; “I have to maintain my daily job, so I’m still going to London every week doing movie interviews and then I’m going to class at night Monday to Friday”.

You can hear a short clip from the interview in the below video.

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