Launch of The Dublin Academy of Education

At The Dublin Academy of Education, we are honoured to be opening our full-time school for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Our aim is simple, we are on a mission to redefine the standard for second-level education in Ireland. This will be achieved through a focus on three key elements:

Bringing together Ireland’s best teachers in an environment that is positive, values great teaching and is focused on student-centred outcomes. These teachers are experts in their subjects and are committed to working collaboratively to continually improve the teaching experience for their students.

Teaching approach
Empowering students with both the facilities, structures and frameworks for academic success with an outcome driven approach through hour-long classes with bespoke class materials, notes and exercises. These demystify the Leaving Certificate and provide the students with a positive mentality towards learning that fosters curiosity, fuels excitement and facilitates understanding and results.

Academic and personal development environment
Equipping students with the mindset, skills and tools to tackle the challenges of the Leaving Certificate and any of life’s challenges through a rounded wellness programme, guidance programme and extra-curricular activities that foster strong physical, emotional and mental health to support academic achievement.

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