Fees Information



Like at The Dublin School of Grinds, we offer two options for payment of fees for our full-time leaving cert programme:

Option 1: In Full

Total: €7,295


Option 2: Monthly Direct Debit

 Date                                  Amount

Deposit on booking €500
1st August €795
1st September €795
1st October €795
1st November €795
1st December €795
1st January €795
1st February €795
1st March €795
1st April €635

Total                                                €7,495

The Dublin Academy of Education is now taking applications for the academic year starting September 2018. As part of the application process, a €500 deposit is paid at the point of booking, this deposit is non-refundable. This €500 deposit guarantees your place in the day school.

To download an application form for The Dublin Academy of Education, please click here. Or if you would like more information about our application process call us on 01 442 4442.

Note: A 10% sibling discount applies to the fees for our Full-Time School. This discount is not available online and must be availed of by calling our office.