How to be an A1 Parent

How to be an A1 Parent


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How to be an A1 Parent

Course Overview

About these Free Courses

The How to be an A1 Parent course is free of charge and is open to all parents. There is no requirement to have a student enrolled in any of our part-time or full-time courses to attend.

This course was designed primarily to alleviate conflict in families. Our facilitator, Patrick, first concentrates on deconstructing the clear difference in approach between Generation X and Y and our students who are drawn from Generation Z. Conflict is inevitable when generational differences lead to misunderstanding. The course first equips parents with a clear understanding of these differences.

The course then moves to consider practical ways in which parents and students can establish clear boundaries of involvement in the academic life of the student. These boundaries clearly can differ significantly on a case-by-case basis but parents are asked to consider to what extent they feel they can intervene in their child’s academic life.

Students here at The Academy take increasing responsibility for their own educational experience. The course aims to achieve a paradigm shift.

Parents are shown how to stop seeing themselves as managers who are responsible for setting targets and measuring output. Instead, parents become facilitators who celebrate success; this, in turn, bolsters our students increasing confidence as they achieve academically.


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