6th Year is the year when most students turn their full attention towards their academic studies. It’s a very important year, as the work that students do in these 12 months has a profound impact on their transition into 3rd level education. As such, students are highly motivated to perform well in the Leaving Certificate. A great performance in the Leaving Certificate all starts with one thing; great teaching. For students wanting to realise their maximum potential, our full-time School is the perfect place. As per our Mission Statement, we promise to only provide the best quality teaching available in Ireland across all of the subjects we offer here. By having great teachers in every subject, students will be putting themselves in the strongest possible position to achieve their highest level of academic success.

Our full-time 6th Year Leaving Cert Programme will allow students to complete the entire Leaving Certificate in just one year. This means that students can join our full-time Leaving Cert School directly after finishing 5th Year in their current school. This is crucial as it allows students to go back over content in their subjects that they may have missed, or did not understand when it was taught in their schools. It also means that they can decide to take up a new subject when joining our full-time School. Taking up a new subject that a student’s previous school may not have offered can be a great strategy for increasing performance in the Leaving Certificate.

Class sizes at ‘The Academy‘ will be in or around the same as students’ current schools. This ensures that our teachers will be able to provide individualised tuition to every student in the school on a personal level.

For students who are keen to enroll with us, we offer the opportunity to try out any of our weekly grinds’ classes free of charge. This enables you to sample all of our teachers before you commit to the full-time school. This service allows students to be fully informed as to exactly what to expect at ‘The Academy’.  One of our mantras is transparency – We are certain that the quality of our teaching is unmatched, and as such, we welcome all students to experience it first-hand, and free of charge.

Due to high levels of interest, we have opened bookings for our first Open Evening for the 2019/2020 academic year.  If you are interested in enrolling with us and have questions about the school, then we highly recommend you join us at one of these open evenings. These evenings are for both parents and students. To book, please complete the form below.

For families looking to attend an Open Evening at The Dublin Academy of Education, please select one of the following dates and complete the form below:

  • Thursday 21st March at 7:00pm – 8:15pm
  • Thursday 9th May at 7:00pm – 8:15pm